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Dear Gamers!

Welcome to StarGames - your gaming platform with a fun guarantee. At our site you will find the best, most well known and loved card games, board games and slot machines - which we have thoughtfully prepared with great attention to detail. Our own high standards of quality and love of gaming ensure you only get the best at StarGames.

To add an extra kick to gaming, you can also play for real money stakes at StarGames - absolutely securely and reliably - just to add to the excitement!

So what's on offer at StarGames?

1 - Real Opponents

Play against real opponents online at StarGames!

2 - Real Winnings and Guaranteed Withdrawals

Load up your StarGames account with real money and play for real money stakes. You can withdraw your winning at any time. All transactions involved are secure and encrypted - all confirmed by the experts at VeriSign.

3 - Fairness, Security & Community

StarGames guarantees maximum fairness and ensures that players can find equal opponents to play against. The playing ability and experience of all opponents is always displayed. All players start each game with exactly the same playing conditions. Secure transactions and the correct transmission of game results are guaranteed by tried and true adopted technologies. We value personal interaction and encourage a friendly gaming community.

4 - Dynamic jackpots & exciting tournaments

Excitement, fun and thrills are on the program at StarGames. The more participants in a tournament, the higher the jackpot!

5 - Our Services

We not only provide exciting games of great quality, we also continually update and optimise them! We strive for optimal functionality and a problem-free experience. WE also look after our functional community of gamers, organise tournaments, guarantee secure and simple withdrawals of our gamers' winnings.

We hope that you are pleased with StarGames and all the games on offer. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, please send us an e-mail at

Happy gaming!

The StarGames team


Event started !
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